Our Approach


Before getting flagged off to the task in hand, we spend sufficient amount of time to understand the product, targets and market scenario. We also venture into competition analysis. It's very important to spell out the key unique selling propositions of the product to be advertised. Further, it's equally important to create in-roads to reach out to the defined Targets with path breaking communication ideas which will inspire them to respond. We call it 'the contemplation round'. This helps us lay down a strong foundation of communication with absolute clarity of messaging.


Once we arrive on the communication proposition, we set forth to invent innovative ways to take it to the targets. We are backed by the team of creative geniuses who are hungry for out of the box ideas. They think of an idea and explore vivid art forms to translate it into a response sensitive piece of communication. We identify multiple touch-points in the target audiences' life and try to make an idea a part of his everyday life. This approach makes the communication a lot more personal, individualistic and appealing. Creativity, for us, is the way to reach out to the hearts of your targets and inspire their minds to react in the desired manner.


An idea comes first and later come multiple platforms to make an idea the biggest buzz in the segment. Once we crack the creative route, we think of innovative media vehicles to embark upon a journey of creative enlightenment. Be it conventional media like Press, Print, Outdoor or Electronic, etc. Be it high tech media like digital, internet or mobile marketing, Or unconventional ones like ambient, viral, PR or engagement activations. We choose our platforms with an absolute commitment to offer you optimum response.


Once an idea reaches the defined targets, it's important to maintain the momentum of communication and be ultra consistent. Out of sight is out of mind. We understand that once a target is informed about the product and has expressed interest in it, it is important to engage it for effective conversion. We invent strategic ways to increase conversions with direct communication in the follow up phase. This process of cultivation turns out to be miraculous measure in ensuring maximum response.


Excessive rounds of uniform messaging start getting monotonous after the initial momentum of communication reaches its peak. Then comes a stage, to revive the brand communication and reinforce the same brand promise with a refreshing new approach. It's the same wine in a different bottle but it works wonders with a brand new approach. This measure of co-correction is instrumental in sustaining long term communication and retains the interest levels of your targets. We do it after taking a complete review of the first phase of communication. We take corrective measures and aim to make the communication flawless and ever appealing.