This is probably the most difficult question which an employer as well as an employee faces…Initiative seems to be easy to say but difficult to work upon..When it comes to initiative we always wait for someone to do that..We wont do it..We would expect others to do it..The best we could do is to respond or react..

An employer expects that an employee would take an initiative with regards to new ideas and implement while an employee that he needs to be motivated ( mostly in financial terms ) which would make him take more initiative. Both the terms are relative & would always be correct based on the situation which you are in..At every stage of our life right from school to college to corporate , we should be taking initiative and create a change but we always wait..

We have become Masters in Waiting…Waiting for the right job..Waiting for the right girl..Waiting for the right opportunity..Waiting for the market to improve..this waiting game has made us more lethargic..We wait for things to happen..We never know what is the right time..We dont know when it would come..

Lets make a difference by taking initiatives & doing actual execution.


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