The easiest thing in Life is TO REACT

The 2nd easiest thing in Life is TO RESPOND
& the hardest thing in Life is TO INITIATE…
I guess we have always come across such situations..Where we either react or respond..Almost everyone does the same thing.. Politicians, Employees , Students…All… We are conditioned in such a way that we just react ..Mistake Happens..n We are ready to React to any situation…Reacting is intuitive & instinctive..Reacting is dangerous..This is what media does when Indian Team Loses on Tours…React..React..React…
Response is still a better proposition as compared to reaction..Response to Competitive threats..Response to Opportunities..
But its still pale in comparison to initiative..We lack the initiating skills..No one teaches it..It comes from come from comes from belief…
We need people to take initiatives at various stages of their life..I took it and change it…What about you???

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