Market Research..One of the common terms which all the companies talk about..How much do we understand about Market Research. Market Research for most people is going to & searching for information..Thats it…No Application…No use of common sense…Research has been restricted only to search engines not beyond it…Or Mostly its a CUT,COPY, PASTE job for most people.

Power of Primary Research & its credibility is very important..
In short,
Information from
1. Which source
2. What kind of
3. How much
becomes of critical importance…Sources of Information also becomes a very important aspect whether its searching for a job or a product or a service..
It would be nice if you people could share some good ideas about research too…

One thought on “Market Research

  1. quite agree to the point here. problem most often, IMO lies in defining the “research objective” – which is where most go wrong.

    on a lighter note – why would need to “copy”, if one has already “cut” the information ;)

    ps: i always end up correcting people to “copy-paste”


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