Salary the most important thing of our life..during graduation , after graduation this is the biggest question which we need to answer..But most of us dont have an answer..Many a times our decision of joining a company or a brand depends upon the salary component..Salary is important no doubt about that..But i guess its always to better to work for something which we are passionate about…What is the point working only for the sake of salary..9 to 5.. Monday to Friday..n then we wait for saturdays & sundays…
Life becomes boring the day we start avoiding Mondays..Everyone has an opinion so do i.. But i feel we should do what we like..In short we just dont work for MY Salary but its the other way around…
Pour in your opinions…

2 thoughts on “I don’t work for My Salary..

  1. its always to better to work for something which we are passionate about.
    This line is absolutely TRUE and one has to admire his own Strength & Weakness capabilities and do his work as passion with great love brings RESULTS on its own way, and need not wait for it too.
    FIRST Love oneself thoroughly before entering into others…..
    SWOT Shenbagaraman
    Chennai 600004

  2. I feel that being Passionate should not be confused with being Inflexible.
    What I am trying to say is being Passionate is definately most important to succeed in whatever we do, else we just stay mediocres and end up dissatisfied in life in both short and long term.
    But at the same time we should not be inflexible to accept changes or doing different things just by saying I am passionate about something so I will only do that something.
    Also being rationale is important in whatever decisions we take.
    Rationale decisions means taking every step possible that will help you achieve something REALLY GOOD in the long run and not just bound by what you intend to achive in the long run.
    Because ultimately you also have to see maximized ROI on your time invested !!!

    Aniket Jain


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