Flat 50% off – Everywhere..Thats what we see nowdays..in Malls, Shopping Complexes

Any Brand or Any Store..Discounts..Discounts..Discounts all the way..But does the market needs this .. The competition forced people to go with discounts or is discount the only way of getting customers..

With e-commerce trying to make its mark , brands are coming up with more & more discounts. A time would come that we would see discount all the year round. Discounts have grown but the quality of service has gone from bad to worse. Customer Engagement is just present in Books & not in practicality. Thats where the approach needs to change. Customer today is confused with so much of advertising wherever he goes. The time he gets up till the time he sleeps..

So what should the brands now need to do.. Spend some time thinking & drive sales through better customer engagement programs. Technology is important but not the only thing which matters. We need to look into our past & see why did unorganized retailing did better..The only reason was Relationship..Thats what matters..

Machines can never replace the human touch.. Neither can FB or Twitter or Whats App..
Use these medias effectively


3 thoughts on “Flat 50% off – Isnt it getting too much ???

  1. concur with the thought @ bharat oswal , i practically see the ” DISCOUNT haze surrounding the “potential” , the amount of space invasion that such ads are having is worrisome , to put it curtly.


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