Chalta hain..sab chalta hain aur chalta rahega..thats how our life is defined by us..Padhai nahi karna..Assignment nahi complete karni..Office Late Pahuchna..Meeting main Late jaana..Salary nahi badti..Placement nahi milna ..

Late utna..Ghar pe Daru peeke jaana..Copy Karna..Office main facebook pe baitha rehna…Baap ka Paisa Udana..Party Karna..Drugs Lena..

Sarkar Kaam nahi karti..Inflation badta hain..Fuel Prices Badna..sab chalta hain humko..because we wont get up..n change the system..

Sab Chalta hain…this attitude has now become a part of our life..par kab tak…This attitude is good sometimes but sometimes it might b the worst things to happen..Situation changes..Hence our attitude also needs to change too..We are happy criticising about it..Lets us be that spark that could change the attitude of us & the people around us..

What do u think ??? I m here to make a change..what about u..


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