This is one of the most difficult questions which we face today. Are we really social or we are just trying to be social. Technology makes people come closer or is it the opposite.
The more the use the larger the gap which is happening within people.  Talks are happenings on chats rather one on one or face to face. The charm of talking & listening is missing & so is the ‘ emotional quotient ‘. The so called ‘social quotient’ would be a big challenge for everyone where the ‘status’ matters.  Trust has gone for a toss…& so has the interaction between humans.  A time would come where families & friends would be visible on status & updates.
Technology has its own pros & cons but don’t make it a habit. Use it in the best sense & for the betterment of people. Will we get an answer to this question or will our future generations be more socially inactive..think about it..