Its one of those interesting topics which makes me think everytime..Marketing..What is marketing ? How it has changed ? Why it has changed ? & many more questions which keep coming to the mind..

Dynamics of Industries have changed but we still use the same old tried & tested formula of PRINT & TV..The new formulas of online are not working. Survival of online is dependent on the offline media. The more information is available the lesser is the usage of brain..Everyone talks about technology but doesnt use it the way it should be which really makes me think that have we changed.. The answer is always NO which comes to my mind..Shelf life of any marketing campaign has reduced & neither any of these marketing campaigns have the kind of impact which they use to..Does that mean people can make decisions easily..Doesnt seem to be the case..Decisions are getting delayed which is increasing the sales cycle for any product..

Somewhere the mindset needs to change..Economics & Psychology have become an important aspect of any communication media vehicle..Lets hope people realize it & start using it..
& every marketer & every college takes a note of it..

Habits..what are these..something which we get used to..somethings which becomes difficult to change.. Unconscious mind thats what matters..which makes decision most of the times..but we dont realize..
Why do market research for new product development fails ?? Because of the simple reason we answer from our conscious mind..which would give partial answers..
Why is it so that government bans cigarettes or booze impose so much of taxes but still they do good business?? its simple habits that makes the difference..
Lots to think upon..Marketing is going to change as time progresses..People who understand would make products which becomes a habit like a cellphone..whats ur take on this???