one of the most interesting topics i came across…What is this funda of MONDAY to FRIDAY…This is the life of an employee..a person who works for others..earns more for others n less for himself…n is happy with safe n secure life..he waits for the saturdays n sundays so that he could rest and enjoy..but does he really enjoy or is he running away from true enjoyment…MONDAY to MONDAY..this is the life of an enterpreneur..He runs for everything..he runs to find new accounts..he has to face talent problems, client problems, internal problems, management problems..his life revolves around solving problems..his life starts early n ends late in the night & continues it for 7 days a week, 365 days…But he is enjoying more as compared to his peers who havent taken the risk..Fear is not something which could disturb him..but makes him more stronger & stronger..Each day brings something new to his life..Adds some spice in Life..there is pain..but there is joy in that pain to..

What would you like to have ???? Monday to Friday or Monday to Monday

I love¬†failures..We all are at some stage of our life..whether it was school, college , job, marriage , friends etc.. Failures makes us learn but we dont want to face it..We are afraid of failing…Failures makes us strong..Something which would be useful in long term..

We only are interested in winners..but we fail to realize that every winner goes through lots of failures in life..Whether it was Thomas Edison or Sachin Tendulkar or Abraham Lincoln..I am PROUD to be a FAILURE..Because it drives me more towards my GOAL..

There is something more which we need to do to change it.. Something which changes Failure to Success..For me or that matter people, Failure has made what I am TODAY..An ENTERPRENEUR