The Story of 5 Minutes…

The story everyone has , everyone goes through…Significance of 5 Minutes..

TIME is an important entity of our Life. Many People would agree about it.. We expect people to value our time but do we value OTHERS Time.

Client gives us a call, We say we would return back the call in 5 minutes…Going out for party, we say we would be ready by 5 Minutes.

Someone must be waiting for you. Your Friend, Colleague, Client, Guest, Wife, Student, Parents etc.. The List would be never ending. Why does this happen ?? Why can’t we value our time & others time. If we calculate the amount of 5 minutes we have wasted of others, It would be Like a ERA..

I Guess most people would agree to the fact of 5 Min.. I would like to change the story of 5 Min. What about you?