To Initiate or to Motivate…

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This is probably the most difficult question which an employer as well as an employee faces…Initiative seems to be easy to say but difficult to work upon..When it comes to initiative we always wait for someone to do that..We wont do it..We would expect others to do it..The best we could do is to respond or react..

An employer expects that an employee would take an initiative with regards to new ideas and implement while an employee that he needs to be motivated ( mostly in financial terms ) which would make him take more initiative. Both the terms are relative & would always be correct based on the situation which you are in..At every stage of our life right from school to college to corporate , we should be taking initiative and create a change but we always wait..

We have become Masters in Waiting…Waiting for the right job..Waiting for the right girl..Waiting for the right opportunity..Waiting for the market to improve..this waiting game has made us more lethargic..We wait for things to happen..We never know what is the right time..We dont know when it would come..

Lets make a difference by taking initiatives & doing actual execution.


Are we really social??

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This is one of the most difficult questions which we face today. Are we really social or we are just trying to be social. Technology makes people come closer or is it the opposite. 
The more the use the larger the gap which is happening within people.  Talks are happenings on chats rather one on one or face to face. The charm of talking & listening is missing & so is the ‘ emotional quotient ‘. The so called ‘social quotient’ would be a big challenge for everyone where the ‘status’ matters.  Trust has gone for a toss…& so has the interaction between humans.  A time would come where families & friends would be visible on status & updates.

Technology has its own pros & cons but don’t make it a habit. Use it in the best sense & for the betterment of people. Will we get an answer to this question or will our future generations be more socially inactive..think about it..

Right or Wrong..Does it really exist..

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Right or Wrong…We always see things in black & white..But does it really happen that way..

Something which is right for someone might be wrong for someone else..Same situation..Two different people..Two Perceptions…But you cant judge whether its right or wrong…

We judge people based on our experiences of our life..But sometimes that could be risky..The old school of thought for women was that she cant work & even if she does she should be back by 7.00 clock. Someone who breaks this are treated as outcast as hypocrites. Isnt it suprising that we keep changing our rules as situations & circumstances change..Cant we put ourselves in their shoes & think the way they are thinking..

Employee & Employer are good examples of this..So is before marriage & after marriage situations..The world would be a better place if we look at situations from different angles i.e. perceptions..
We need to take the best out of every situations. If we do that , we would be happy like never before…


5 Management Lessons from #whoismariasharapova Story !!!

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Lesson No 1 – Any publicity is good publicity
Lesson No 2 – User generated content has the power to explore the creativeness in people
Lesson No 3 – Interesting ideas always catch the attention of people
Lesson No 4 – Social Media has the power to build perceptions which can make or break a brand
Lesson No 5 – Integration of Offline-Online media is very much important & relevant in today’s market

Flat 50% off – Isnt it getting too much ???

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Flat 50% off – Everywhere..Thats what we see Malls, Shopping Complexes

Any Brand or Any Store..Discounts..Discounts..Discounts all the way..But does the market needs this .. The competition forced people to go with discounts or is discount the only way of getting customers..

With e-commerce trying to make its mark , brands are coming up with more & more discounts. A time would come that we would see discount all the year round. Discounts have grown but the quality of service has gone from bad to worse. Customer Engagement is just present in Books & not in practicality. Thats where the approach needs to change. Customer today is confused with so much of advertising wherever he goes. The time he gets up till the time he sleeps..

So what should the brands now need to do.. Spend some time thinking & drive sales through better customer engagement programs. Technology is important but not the only thing which matters. We need to look into our past & see why did unorganized retailing did better..The only reason was Relationship..Thats what matters..

Machines can never replace the human touch.. Neither can FB or Twitter or Whats App..
Use these medias effectively

Being Curious

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Probably one of the most easiest thing to do when we were a kid..But  becomes difficult as we grow up..

“Curiosity” is one of the greatest thing which every human being possesses..Being curious is what we should at whatever stage of our life..

Most of the times in our life when we become old we stop being curious & get use to the monotonous life without hope & without life..We stop exploring..We stop asking questions which forms are base about what we are today..

Many of our problems regularly occur because we don’t question. We feel we have the answers to all our problems & we end up coming up with monotonous solutions which doesn’t work in today’s scenario..

Technology has made people equipped as a mechanical entity rather than a thinking entity. Hence the next generation would face lots of challenge if they get into too much of techno-mode rather than “BEING CURIOUS”..


Todays Marketing..

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Its one of those interesting topics which makes me think everytime..

Marketing..What is marketing ? How it has changed ? Why it has changed ? & many more questions which keep coming to the mind..

Dynamics of Industries have changed but we still use the same old tried & tested formula of PRINT & TV..The new formulas of online are not working. Survival of online is dependent on the offline media. The more information is available the lesser is the usage of brain..Everyone talks about technology but doesnt use it the way it should be which really makes me think that have we changed.. The answer is always NO which comes to my mind..Shelf life of any marketing campaign has reduced & neither any of these marketing campaigns have the kind of impact which they use to..Does that mean people can make decisions easily..Doesnt seem to be the case..Decisions are getting delayed which is increasing the sales cycle for any product..

Somewhere the mindset needs to change..Economics & Psychology have become an important aspect of any communication media vehicle..Lets hope people realize it & start using it..
& every marketer & every college takes a note of it..

What is Creativity ???

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Creativity..One of the most awesome terms i have come across..Creativity has always been restricted to designers & artists..why should it be restricted to aesthetic sense..

It is an important aspect of our life..Creativity is required everywhere & every moment of our life..The problem is that we restricts its use..its about making things simple..Making processes simple..Right from an Engineer to a MBA student..All of them have to use creative..if we don’t work would become monotonous & boring..

Creativity for companies would come via about how to increase the sales TO making your clients or employees happy TO expand to newer horizons.. The problem is that we use the same monotonous model of traditional marketing or same old research methodologies which no longer work in present scenario.. hence we need to break this clutter & come up with creativity in every aspect of our life…

Whats your take on the SAME …. 


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The most fascinating topic..I feel..Discount..right from 5% to 75%.. its everywhere..all across the city..
across various brands..across various retail what people works..but only in SHORT TERM..

Unique VALUE of discount is getting lost in the clutter of discounts..Discounts have to be there but how much & when to have is very important..Customer engagement has gone for a TOSS..

Customer Engagement is always & always going to be a major aspect for any business.
It worked before , it will work now & would always work…

Whats your take on this..

Dont Ask , Just Listen..

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Interesting..but thats how we have been brought up in our life…Dont ask just listen..When we were in school, teachers and parents made us listen and follow the rules..We were not allowed to question we grew up, we started fearing about things..We kept listening n listening..
College started..Same thing continued..whatever professors taught we use to listen but we lost the habit of asking questions when we were kids..we behaved like a sheep..herd mentality..When we started working, we listen to what the boss says because we are taught BOSS is ALWAYS RIGHT..
This problem of just listening without asking has made us hate our work n life..We end up being frustrated because the power of thinking has got rusted..IDEAS are not allowed to grow and get implemented which could make us and the world more better..

The Power of WHY..

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Sounds is interesting..the power of we grow elder we have the lost the charm n the power of why..Questioning..Something which we use to do when we were young..But as time progressed we just accepted things the way they are..
When we were small, we were curious enough to ask things..that helped us built n learn more..but now things are different..We are in a frame of mind that we cant question things..fear has crept in our mind which doesnt allow us to question things..bcz there is fear we might be looked as fools if we ask questions..
But questioning yourself , people , friends , relatives is important for our development as well as for the whole system…Some people would agree while some people wont..But its a nice learning curve which would help us many problems which are inborne in the system…
Whats your take on this???

Chalta Hain..

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Chalta hain..sab chalta hain aur chalta rahega..thats how our life is defined by us..

Padhai nahi karna..Assignment nahi complete karni..Office Late Pahuchna..Meeting main Late jaana..Salary nahi badti..Placement nahi milna ..

Late utna..Ghar pe Daru peeke jaana..Copy Karna..Office main facebook pe baitha rehna…Baap ka Paisa Udana..Party Karna..Drugs Lena..

Sarkar Kaam nahi karti..Inflation badta hain..Fuel Prices Badna..sab chalta hain humko..because we wont get up..n change the system..

Sab Chalta hain…this attitude has now become a part of our life..par kab tak…This attitude is good sometimes but sometimes it might b the worst things to happen..Situation changes..Hence our attitude also needs to change too..We are happy criticising about it..Lets us be that spark that could change the attitude of us & the people around us..

What do u think ??? I m here to make a change..what about u..


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one of the most interesting topics i came across…What is this funda of MONDAY to FRIDAY…This is the life of an employee..a person who works for others..earns more for others n less for himself…n is happy with safe n secure life..he waits for the saturdays n sundays so that he could rest and enjoy..but does he really enjoy or is he running away from true enjoyment…

MONDAY to MONDAY..this is the life of an enterpreneur..He runs for everything..he runs to find new accounts..he has to face talent problems, client problems, internal problems, management problems..his life revolves around solving problems..his life starts early n ends late in the night & continues it for 7 days a week, 365 days…But he is enjoying more as compared to his peers who havent taken the risk..Fear is not something which could disturb him..but makes him more stronger & stronger..Each day brings something new to his life..Adds some spice in Life..there is pain..but there is joy in that pain to..

What would you like to have ???? Monday to Friday or Monday to Monday

I Love Failures

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I love failures..We all are at some stage of our life..whether it was school, college , job, marriage , friends etc.. Failures makes us learn but we dont want to face it..We are afraid of failing…Failures makes us strong..Something which would be useful in long term..

We only are interested in winners..but we fail to realize that every winner goes through lots of failures in life..Whether it was Thomas Edison or Sachin Tendulkar or Abraham Lincoln..I am PROUD to be a FAILURE..Because it drives me more towards my GOAL..

There is something more which we need to do to change it.. Something which changes Failure to Success..For me or that matter people, Failure has made what I am TODAY..An ENTERPRENEUR


Habits..Marketing has a new terminology

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Habits..what are these..something which we get used to..somethings which becomes difficult to change.. Unconscious mind thats what matters..which makes decision most of the times..but we dont realize..
Why do market research for new product development fails ?? Because of the simple reason we answer from our conscious mind..which would give partial answers..
Why is it so that government bans cigarettes or booze impose so much of taxes but still they do good business?? its simple habits that makes the difference..
Lots to think upon..Marketing is going to change as time progresses..People who understand would make products which becomes a habit like a cellphone..whats ur take on this???

I don’t work for My Salary..

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Salary the most important thing of our life..during graduation , after graduation this is the biggest question which we need to answer..But most of us dont have an answer..Many a times our decision of joining a company or a brand depends upon the salary component..Salary is important no doubt about that..But i guess its always to better to work for something which we are passionate about…What is the point working only for the sake of salary..9 to 5.. Monday to Friday..n then we wait for saturdays & sundays…
Life becomes boring the day we start avoiding Mondays..Everyone has an opinion so do i.. But i feel we should do what we like..In short we just dont work for MY Salary but its the other way around…
Pour in your opinions…

Never Give Excuses..

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Learning has always been fun…Learning comes from various things of our Life..Every moment , every second there is a learning..But there is one thing which i learnt from my boss..which i would never forget..

Never Give Excuses..We are conditioned throughout our life to give excuses for everything.. We dont reach on time for meetings..we have excuses..We dont get placed..we have excuses.. We dont start our business.. we have excuses..We dont complete our work on time.. We have excuses…
This habit of excuses never stops…If we stop giving excuses in Life n start doing about what is expected out of us n B Proactive, the world could be much better…
Whats your opinion ??

Learn to Unlearn..Think n Implement

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Something we hear from Management Gurus. From Experienced People. From Stalwarts..

Learning to Unlearn..
World is constantly changing & evolving…Traditional things are getting challenged from fresh approaches of People..Hence we should start getting into the process of unlearning. Concepts learnt a decade is not necessary applicable in today’s scenario.. We should be open to change…
Change is THE MOST Important aspect of our LIFE..Old approach of Cold calling in sales doesn’t work…Thinking using Digital is tough & not required needs to rethought..Communication is no longer restricted to print media..It has evolved & has various facets to it..

Its applicable to everyone including me..I need to unlearn few things to make few things better than before..What about you ???

The Easiest Thing..

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The easiest thing in Life is TO REACT

The 2nd easiest thing in Life is TO RESPOND
& the hardest thing in Life is TO INITIATE…
I guess we have always come across such situations..Where we either react or respond..Almost everyone does the same thing.. Politicians, Employees , Students…All… We are conditioned in such a way that we just react ..Mistake Happens..n We are ready to React to any situation…Reacting is intuitive & instinctive..Reacting is dangerous..This is what media does when Indian Team Loses on Tours…React..React..React…
Response is still a better proposition as compared to reaction..Response to Competitive threats..Response to Opportunities..
But its still pale in comparison to initiative..We lack the initiating skills..No one teaches it..It comes from come from comes from belief…
We need people to take initiatives at various stages of their life..I took it and change it…What about you???

The Story of “5″ Minutes

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The Story of 5 Minutes…

The story everyone has , everyone goes through…Significance of 5 Minutes..

TIME is an important entity of our Life. Many People would agree about it.. We expect people to value our time but do we value OTHERS Time.

Client gives us a call, We say we would return back the call in 5 minutes…Going out for party, we say we would be ready by 5 Minutes.

Someone must be waiting for you. Your Friend, Colleague, Client, Guest, Wife, Student, Parents etc.. The List would be never ending. Why does this happen ?? Why can’t we value our time & others time. If we calculate the amount of 5 minutes we have wasted of others, It would be Like a ERA..

I Guess most people would agree to the fact of 5 Min.. I would like to change the story of 5 Min. What about you?

Market Research

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Market Research..One of the common terms which all the companies talk about..How much do we understand about Market Research. Market Research for most people is going to & searching for information..Thats it…No Application…No use of common sense…Research has been restricted only to search engines not beyond it…Or Mostly its a CUT,COPY, PASTE job for most people.

Power of Primary Research & its credibility is very important..
In short,
Information from
1. Which source
2. What kind of
3. How much
becomes of critical importance…Sources of Information also becomes a very important aspect whether its searching for a job or a product or a service..
It would be nice if you people could share some good ideas about research too…

Why this Kolaveri Di???

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Craze of the Nation..

Toast of the Nation…Lots of articles being written about it…
Channels covering about it… Case Studies being made..It might even become a chapter in MBA Colleges very soon…But could we understand its simple basics..
Why did it work?
How did it work?
What made it work?
Or is it just going to be a trend which would people would forget…


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This is a common thing which we commonly dont use….

Common Sense..Seedi Bhasha Main Bolo…
Common Sense is not a rocket science..its something which everyone
has but we dont use it..We like to make things complicated..
Lets change this…
Lets start using common sense…